Thursday, October 16, 2014

Swamp Cooler Repair Pro Discusses Conversion Options for Folks in Las Cruces

Posted on: 28 Aug 2014
Swamp Cooler Repair Las Cruces
Swamp Cooler Repair
Blame it on the Gulf of Mexico or the fact that we’re situated near a subtropical climate zone, Las Cruces weather is about as capricious as can be. Sometimes it’s so humid and hot that you’d swear your family is living in the middle of a rain forest. On other days, it’s dry like the dessert or surprisingly cool. Not only can that make figuring out what to wear for the day difficult, it can also wreck havoc on a building’s swamp cooler. Because of that, many people ask our swamp cooler repair pros whether or not they should convert their buildings’ systems to refrigerated air conditioning.
At SoBellas, our signature series equipment includes swamp cooler conversions. So converting from an evaporated cooling system to a refrigerated one isn’t a subject that is foreign to us. That said, there are benefits associated with making the switch. For starters, refrigerated systems tend to work better than evaporated ones when there is more humidity in the air. They also tend to require less seasonal maintenance than their evaporated counterparts and don’t require large amounts of water. On the down side, refrigerated air conditioners may generate high electricity bills and heat.
We should also mention that companies are always working on improving existing air cooling systems and coming up with more environmentally friendly, energy efficient solutions. So in the future, our swap cooler repair pros may be talking about the benefits of converting to solar, wind, bio fuel or geothermal powered systems. Hey, you never know what America’s scientific community is going to come up with next.
In the meantime, the two most popular, affordable and efficient options Las Cruces residents have to choose from are swamp coolers and refrigerated units. To learn more about the pros and cons of each, please contact our swamp cooler repair experts today. And be sure to inquire about our customer care club, maintenance agreements and referral program. They could save you a substantial amount of money too.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Air Conditioner Repair: 2 Common Misconceptions about Your A/C

Air Conditioner Repair Las Cruces New Mexico

air conditioning repair

No. 1: Setting the temperature lower will make it cool faster
This is false. Many people believe that on a hot day, if they set their thermostat even lower, then it will help to cool the house down faster, and then they bring the temperature back up once they are comfortable. However, simply leaving the temperature where you are normally comfortable gives the same exact result, in the same amount of time.
When the thermostat is set to a temperature below what it is in the house, the unit will run until the house reaches that temperature. The air in the home gets sucked into the air intake of the air handling unit, generally where the filter is found, then always cooled by about 20 degrees, and blown out of the air vents as cold air. Adjusting the thermostat simply turns the unit on and off.
If you find it hard to become comfortable in your home no matter what you set the temperature to, or if it feels like your system is always running, you may be in need of air conditioner repair, and you should contact a professional right away.
No. 2: Increasing fan speed will make me comfortable
This is also not true. Our technicians in the San Antonio area get asked this question a lot during the humid seasons. A customer complains of constantly feeling uncomfortable in their home, despite the temperature in the home actually being low, and then they ask if we can increase the fan speed for them, not knowing that it would actually make the problem worse.
The longer time that air spends inside the air conditioner, the more humidity is pulled out of the home. It follows that if you sped up the fan, the air would spend less time being dehumidified, and would just leave you uncomfortable. But if you slowed down the fan speed, then more humidity would be pulled out of the home, and then you could attain comfort.
For larger homes, slowing the fan to reduce humidity cannot be done because it would prevent enough air from getting to all rooms of the home. In this case, a variable speed air handling unit and thermostat would be recommended.
If you have any questions about your home air conditioning system, please contact SoBellas Home Services. We would love to help.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

What's Your Air Conditioning Comfort System Telling You?

Do you sense that your heating and air conditioning system is holding a piece of information you really need to know?  Well, it won’t take much detective work to figure that out – because what your system is telling you about the summer heat isn’t a secret.

You can pretty much guarantee that if you’ve got a well-maintained, fairly new energy-efficient home comfort system, it’s saying, “No problem. I’ve got this.” But if your heating and air conditioning system has been chugging through summer heats for a while, the message could be a bit different.

For example, if you can tell that your home comfort system is undergoing strain trying to keep up with rising temperatures, it could be giving clear signs that you need to make another plan for your home comfort this summer. Some of the signs you’ll see will be inconsistent comfort, more air conditioner repairs than ordinary, higher energy bills – and just an overall sense of uncertainty about whether it’s time to make a change.

Well, we’ve got some news that can help you through that uncertainty – and be very comfortable with whatever decision you make.  Give us a call, we can help you avoid those horrible air conditioning repairs this summer.


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Friday, August 22, 2014

How Well Is Your Air Conditioning System Aging?

You don’t have to be an air conditioning professional to know whether your home comfort system is keeping you cool inside when the warm weather is surrounding you outside. At the most basic level, you turn on your air conditioner, and it works or it doesn’t. Or it doesn’t work as well as you’d like.

From there, the whys and wherefores of what’s happening with your HVAC system are the questions that service technicians will seek to answer.

Every appliance in your home will feel the effects of age. But when you take care of your appliances – especially the significant system that keeps you comfortable year-round – the aging process slows. With very great care, the aging process even reverses.

If you’d like to learn the best way to reset your air conditioning system back to its nearly new condition


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Air Conditioning Repair: Do Your Unit's Fins Look Fabulous?

Air Conditioning Repair Las Cruces New Mexico

When is the last time that you took a look at your air conditioner’s fins? No really, we’re actually serious. They are one of the important elements that an air conditioner needs to keep the cold air moving through your home or business. And unfortunately, they are one of the first items that can get damaged by seasonal activities. Just ask the neighbor whose HVAC unit was involved in a lawn mower hit and run or wayward baseball incident. He’ll tell you that we’re right. If you’ve never actually looked at the fins before and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Our air conditioning repair pros know where the fins are located and can help put them back into great shape.

Here are the basics:

Essentially, an air conditioning system’s fins will be located in one of two areas. If they are compressor fins, they’ll be near the system’s compressor unit. On the other hand, if they’re evaporator fins, they’ll be situated near the system’s evaporator. Yes, it’s really that self-explanatory.

In most instances, the fins are made from a malleable metal and they come into frequent contact with airborne debris. So it’s not uncommon for them to get filthy or bend into a position that makes it nearly impossible for air to flow freely. Thus, our air conditioning repair team is frequently called in to either clean the fins or push them back into the correct position.

Such tasks are typically performed using tools of the air conditioning repair trade, like fin combs and brushes. The combs do the pushing and the brushes are used for cleaning. Depending on the situation, they may be used in conjunction with a garden hose or shop vac. And in some instances, it may be necessary to clean and lubricate other areas of the HVAC system shortly thereafter.

To set up an air conditioning repair service call to have your unit’s fins cleaned and restored to their original glory, please contact us at SoBellas Home Services today.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Announcing: The Most Accurate Weather Predictor in History Says

Announcing: The Most Accurate Weather Predictor in History Says

“Summer 2014 May Set ‘off-the-charts’ Heat Records”


After last winter, I hope you’re finally enjoying the warm summer sunshine in Las Cruces New Mexico.


As good as this weather feels now… there’s a big chance of UNREAL heat coming our way. No weather prediction is 100% accurate, but the one I’m about to quote has been the most accurate.


Over the past two-hundred twenty-one years, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has been one of THE most accurate weather predictors, bar none. So I take it VERY seriously when they say summer 2014 will deliver “above average temperatures for nearly every part of the United States.” (Translation: It’s going to be very hot.)


How to Really Beat the Heat. Make sure your cooling systems are in the best health possible now. Just like checking up on your car before a long road trip, your cooling equipment needs periodic maintenance (plus a couple of cooling ‘tricks’ that SoBellas techs can perform) to help it run like new. And by the way, it’s MUCH less expensive to prevent problems than to fix ‘em once they’re broken. (Yes, I’d make more money if you waited, but that’s not the goal here!)


The time to prepare is BEFORE the heat. If you wait until everyone else does, you’re almost certain to have to “wait it out” until someone can get to you; PLUS, you’ll pay full-tilt prices. NO ONE will be discounting during peak demand.


SoBellas Of Las Cruces Summer Cooling Checkup, Tune-Up and Repair Offer:  (Doing this now will help prevent cooling system breakdowns and avoid “energy bill sticker shock.”)


Here’s just SOME of what we do for only $129.00:

•             Complete cleaning – dirt is the #1 cause of system failure.

•             Test air flow and check and recharge refrigerant.

•             Make sure the entire system is working properly and is tuned to manufacturer specifications.

•             PLUS… if any repairs are needed, we’ll make them right away AND chop 10% off the cost.


See us in El Paso also

Call us today at 575-636-2009  to make your appointment. Don’t wait; because we can handle only a limited number of customers for this specially priced offer.


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Friday, June 27, 2014

Thank Goodness Summer Is Finally Here!

(I was beginning to wonder.) However –


Are you 100% sure your cooling system will make it through another summer? Here’s a way to eliminate the risk…



Since my business depends on the weather, we pay lots of attention to weather predictions. I’m no alarmist, but summer 2014 is being widely reported to have far higher than normal temperatures.


So cooling systems that “got by” last season are likely doomed. And we get the bulk of our calls when systems are straining the hardest to keep up with the heat. These breakdowns often occur on THE hottest days. Believe me, this isn’t good or bad luck; it’s fact.


Why I’m writing now. Last summer, I saved my customers tons of money and aggravation by offering new air conditioning systems at low “off-season” prices. This calculated risk allowed me to replace worn-out equipment fast and at lower prices than other contractors. It’s about being prepared. So,


This summer we’re doing it again. SoBellas Air Conditioning and Heating has access to several sets of state-of-the-art, highly efficient cooling equipment at DISCOUNTS up to 22%. If you wait until yours breaks, we may not have any left at these prices.


However, since neither of us knows IF you’ll need new cooling equipment this summer, here’s how you can protect yourself no matter what:


You can get a Summer Cooling System and Energy Analysis AT NO CHARGE.


This analysis will tell us whether your system needs a simple adjustment, tune-up or repair. In some cases, maybe a replacement makes sense, but there’s no reason to jump in too deep yet. So,


Either way you win. If your system just needs a tune-up or repair, we’ll take care of that for you AND give you a 10% discount on the work. And if you decide new equipment is right, then you’ve got a nice discount on that too.


Call us at 800-617-6235 to make sure we get you on the books for the Free Summer Cooling System and Energy Analysis.



Whoops! Forgot to mention; every system we install comes with a full 5-year warranty. That’s worth another several hundred dollars! Maybe the heat is getting to me already! Call 800-617-6235 today.